Dr. Jenny and her teams are independent prophetic writers and animated film  producers. The main goal to produce this website is to allow our supporters around the world to see the update of our progress from transition our books and scripts into a final movie productions.  We are considered as prophetic entrepreneur. Without much support from movie industry, we are excited to make a high quality of 3D animation film and bring it to the big screen with the support of a little guy like you such as kirkstarter and other untraditionally funding resources.

Dr. Jenny have written two books since summer 2015. Her first book titled ” The Holy Spirit and Glory of God”. She has a mission to introduce the Holy Spirit into the movie industry. The Holy Spirit is the essential connection between a man and his creator. She also recently wrote another book titled ” The perfect man has three earthly lives”.  She and her team create a movie script based upon the second book.  The story applies end time prophecies as a platform to unveil hidden things  in the Bible into light. We believe animation will help to gap the transition from the basic understanding to visual perception of revelations and visions of the prophetic mystery of the Book of Revelation, particular for young people.


Holy Spirit and Glory of Godfront look of book